Kennebec Manor and Kings Way Care Centre Covid-19 Efforts


We are currently living through unprecedented times. Policies and best practices are changing daily and we are doing our best to keep our families in the loop of what is going on.


  • We are continuing to practice physical distancing within our homes. We closed our homes to visitors early on for the safety of our staff and residents. This policy was officially implemented Sunday March 15, 2020. We also had staff self isolate after travel beginning March 9, 2020. Both of these decisions have proven to have been the right decisions for our homes and the best way to help keep everyone safe.
  • We continue to work with government to secure Personal Protective Equipment when needed. Both of our homes are currently in very good shape in this respect. We are confident that we have enough equipment and sanitizer to have our staff work safely.
  • We collaborate weekly with Nursing Home Services, the Nursing Home Association and all other nursing homes in the province to ensure that we are all using best practices for isolation for residents and for staff returning to work after an illness or Covid-19 test.


Now that Covid-19 has started to spread in the community we have implemented several new policies:

  • We have provided our staff with washable cloth masks to use while in the community if they are required to leave home for essential items.
  • Staff are required to change their clothes when entering and exiting the home and are required to wash their work clothing after every shift.
  • All staff and residents are having their temperatures taken daily to ensure that they are in good health.
  • All staff must answer self screening questions daily along with the temperature check.
  • Staff were required to notify us if they work at multiple homes. If Covid-19 begins to spread within nursing homes or other places of employment, we are asking our staff to choose one place of work to help to further slow down the spread of the virus.
  • Staff working in other high risk places of employment (i.e. Covid-19 swabbing centers) are not working in our homes at this time.
  • Residents are now practicing physical distancing while participating in activities and during meal times.
  • Isolation areas have been, or are in the process of being constructed to further isolate residents if they receive a positive test result. These areas will have dedicated staff who will only work in these areas. They will not be working with healthy residents.
  • RN’s and LPN’s have been fit tested for N95 masks in the event that we have any positive cases in our homes.
  • Both homes have brought in extra staff dedicated specifically to cleaning. Regular staff continue to do their part to ensure that surfaces are cleaned frequently as well.


We are committed to testing staff and residents for Covid-19 as soon as they present any symptoms. Please visit our Facebook page (Kings Way LifeCare Alliance) for the most up to date information on our Covid-19 efforts.


Please note that if a resident is tested, we automatically isolate the rest of the home as an extra precaution as we await the test results.


We have several tablets available to help our families stay connected to their loved ones. We have also been helping to arrange window visits and telephone calls. We appreciate your patience in booking these visits as we work hard to give each resident lots of time, attention and love.





The Kings Way LifeCare Alliance is a group of like minded organizations working together to help provide a better quality of life for vulnerable adults in our communities. We provide LifeCare options for individuals who are in need of housing, support and care in an environment enveloped by love, support and family.


Under the alliance there are two level 3 Long Term Care Communities, Kennebec Manor in Millidgeville and Kings Way Care Centre in Quispamsis. These are thriving communities where the people, play, work, worship, paint and garden. We try and empower people to live the best life they can by providing a home that fosters both individual and community growth.


The Alliance also supports the greater community by providing a number of programs which are designed to support people to remain in their own homes for as long as possible.


Come on in, browse around and visit with some of the people in our communities.

We are forever grateful to the many groups, citizens and partners who support our projects. All of the support we receive in kind, time or funds go towards helping those individuals in our homes experience quality of life.





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