The Kings Way LifeCare Alliance has embraced the Eden Alternative (Philosophy), and both Kings Way Care Centre and Kennebec Manor are the first Eden Certified long term care facilities in New Brunswick.


Quality of life means living life to the fullest and is a simple concept that we take for granted every day. If life were to change tomorrow and you or a loved one had to move to a nursing home to be cared for—how happy would you be?


As an organization, we believe everyone deserves to have quality of life—to be happy, content and fulfilled. For these reasons, we have adopted a person-centered philosophy of care called the “Eden Philosophy”.  The founder of the Eden Alternative, Dr. William Thomas says that a core concept of the Eden philosophy is to improve the lives of the our residents and their care givers by de-institutionalizing the culture and environment of long-term care communities.


The Eden Philosophy recognizes that people who live in institutional care often suffer from the  three plagues of the human spirit; Loneliness, Helplessness, and Boredom. Through the guidance of the Eden Philosophy we work continuously to eliminate these plagues within our homes.



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